See CAD model inside Inspect Interface.

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Would like to be able to view the CAD model within the Inspect user interface while the program is executing. Similar to the current Operator mode functionality.


I would be interested in learning more about what it is specifically on the CAD view that you are missing.

Is this on Portable or a CMM?

Is it so you can see where to take manual hits?

Is it so you can see results/diminfos?


Any extra information you can provide so we can understand the root problem having the CAD View solves, would be useful. Thanks

For me, the CAD graphics view is a very important aspect of communicating to the operator how the part is to be positioned and oriented on the machine and what components are needed for the setup. It is also very important aspect of communicating where to take manual hits, most commonly for the manual alignment step.

The CAD graphics view is a great supplement to textual comments.

Thank you, David.

Most users that rely on either the Operator Mode for production use of PCDMIS or the legacy STI+, rely on being able to view the CAD or The report window.

I will not divert the discussion over Report window because this thread is about the CAD view.  I believe we need to be able to allow user view the CAD and or the Live View windows  in the case of Vision.

I don't believe we need to make the screens be part of Inspect.  Instead, as long as you can provide the option for PCDMIS to be visible, but not allow user to stop to edit programs it would be fine,  However, it would definitely be a lot nicer if the controls were part of Inspect.

The Live View will be available integrated in Inspect for 2018 R1 version.

The CAD View is underway, and it is hoped that this will also be ready for the same version, again as an integrated view in Inspect.

Now, if we could just try out Inspect 3.1/ 2018 Tech Preview without  being blocked by having to log into Smart Quality host. I would love to see Inspect with Live/CAD view option for Vision.