Bulk Program Editor

Dynamic 7 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 2

Tool or script that can open all programs in a directory and do a "Find and Replace" on program code. For example: if you had a command like EXTERNALCOMMAND/NO_DISPLAY, NO_WAIT ; C:\FOLDER\EXTERNALCOMMANDTHATIWANTTORUN.EXE and you wanted to change it to EXTERNALCOMMAND/NO_DISPLAY, NO_WAIT ; C:\FOLDER\DIFFERENTEXTERNALCOMMANDTHATIWANTTORUN.EXE, currently you have to open-edit-close on all of the programs. In situations where there are many programmers or there are many programs, this would be a useful tool for managing the edits required on an entire directory.

It's a good idea but incredibly complex.

Recursing through the programs is easy enough, but it's the range of stuff you might possibly want to change within a program which would be difficult to manage.

It's worth learning a bit of scripting for stuff like this - I did just this to prefix probe names with P1_, P2_, P3_ etc to correspond to the location in the probe rack.

Do you have the script that you made for this? Renaming probes is exactly one of the things I want to do.

I don't however, see how this idea is incredibly complex though. I do agree that there is a degree of complexity involved in making the script but if it was an OEM option there would be more access to areas of a program that aren't available to users. This tool would be mostly for things like updating file paths inside of EXTERNALCOMMAND,inserting commands at the end of programs, updating report defaults, renaming probes, etc. At the very least a recursive open-find/replace-close script so that someone could efficiently manage and change programs in a directory and minimize tedious clicking or potential for erroneous changes.