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Hexagon needs to create a Dialog window that a programmer can change Parameters in the Edit window. With this dialog window a programmer would be able to edit parameters for individual features, selected features or all feature parameters.

Example how a programmer can Highlight Labels in the Graphics window with the Edit Feature Appearance window.

There was also a Global Update program that would change the Parameters of Features and Dimensions. There is an example VB program that is installed with PC-DMIS the Data Field Edit that can edit more than the parameters.

Link to the PC-DMIS forms

Changing the same parameter on alot of features

Have you tried Copy Parameter? PCDMIS can copy and paste one or more parameters to similar features or even different features. For eg.

You want to change parameters of few circles. You can update parameter/s of one circle. osition cursor on one parameter or highlight multiple parameter or even highlight complete circle and selct copy parameter (ctrl + alt +c).. Now you can select features in edit window - multiple features can be selected using shift + Click or ctrl + click (similar to Microsoft method). now you can paste parameters (Ctrl + Alt +V).

We think this is much useful function. Please try it out and let us know if it can satisfy your needs.

I just spent ~ 2 hours having copy and replace crash.  This works great. 

I have been using the Copy and Paste Parameters every since it was introduced in the Technical Preview. This Parameter Dialog Window should be able to have a sort feature for the list window for different types of features, dimensions, Auto Calibration, Statistic Commands and so on. Right now I am working on a Basic Script to do this with limitation of the List window to select more than one feature at a time. So, I will have the ability to this myself but just know that Hexagon should be able to create this dialog window to be more efficient.

Another example that vpt.se reminded me is the Auto Feature Edit / Command Editor.



See screen captions on the PC-DMIS Form

Changing the same parameter on alot of features