Work with Sample Hits

Martin Tydlačka 1 month ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

As a programmer, I would appreciate the ability to work with Sample Hits from Auto Features in the new versions.

In the picture is an example of usage.

Image 626

I need to use at least three Sample Hits to measure the hole precisely. 

Then I have to measure the contact surface around the hole, e.g. as an Auto Feature "Auto Plane" using "Relative to" to this hole.

If there was a possibility to use Sample Hits in the construction, I would measure the hole with using more Sample Hits which I would then use to construct the contact area around the hole and I would save one feature measurement in the program, which itself is not much, but if you have e.g. ten such holes on the part, it already saves some time spent on the 3D machine, which is very welcome in serial production.