Simultaneous Tolerance command - Filter list on truly different datum features, not just the name.

Jacob Cheverie 1 month ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

When entering a new simultaneous tolerance command, there is a "smart" filter in which dimensions that don't share the same datum reference frame as the first selected dimension will be removed from the list. The filtering seems to be based on the datum letter(s) itself and not the actual datum features used within the DATDEF command.

Example: A part is measured, flipped halfway through, and measurement is finished. In both orientations, the same datum feature was measured (measured twice). When creating dimensions, DATDEF commands are inserted at the appropriate location, redefining the datum required for measurement (datum feature pre-flip, datum feature post-flip). The Simultaneous Tolerance command will show all of the dimensions in the dialog window after auto-filtering, but selecting all the dimensions will result in an error "Simultaneous tolerances must have identical datum reference frames." because the datum features are technically different in each dimension (pre-flip vs post-flip).

Please investigate the feasibility of changing the filtering rules of the Simultaneous Tolerance command by looking at the actual features used in the DATDEF command, and not just the letter(s) assigned.

Thank you.