Have PC-DMIS save mid program automatically

Richmond 2 weeks ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Wes77 2 weeks ago 3

When running larger programs in PC-DMIS on my computer, if I have any kind of error the software usually freezes then closes on me. Would it be possible to have the software save periodically in the background while its running. Right now I stop the program 3-5 times to save it so if it crashes I dont have to start from the beginning.

Make a Basic Script:

Sub SaveDuringExecution()

'Create objects
Dim PCDMISApp As Object
Set PCDMISApp = CreateObject("PCDLRN.Application")

Dim PCDMISPart As Object
Set PCDMISPart = PCDMISApp.ActivePartprogram

'Save existing program

' finish
Set PCDMISApp = Nothing
Set PCDMISApp = Nothing

End Sub

Put it in a subprogram and you can easily summon the script in your partprogram by typing 'CALLSUB' and select the subprogram.

You can also run the sctript directly in the partprogram but it's easier when you place it in a subprogram.

But if you check out the PCDMIS forum (Nexus), you can find answers for questions like these ;)

I need to learn the BASIC programming language. That stuff is completely foreign to me. Do you have any suggestions for the best online classes ? 

I know a little, and learned from the PCDMIS forum and alot of trial and error.

Ask Hexagon where you can get an education on Basic.