Add cylindrical line profile tolerance evaluation (for pipes/tubes)

Jörgen Andersson (vpt se) il y a 2 mois dans Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

I would love to have the possibility to evaluate cylindrical line profile tolerances, especially used on tubes/pipes.


Image 622

Often (but not always) used with a coordinate table:

Image 623

...and a bending radii:

Image 624

With this information, we can create a pipe centerline (if we don't have CAD) to use as nominal.

I have already checked the other Hexagon software offerings, such as BendingStudio and TubeShaper and they cannot evaluate this. The application manager for BS even told me that BS cannot and will not be able to evaluate this. BS is for manufacturing - not metrology.

AFAIK, no software on the market can evaluate this, except for PC-DMIS and Metrolog - with the help of an external program made by Hexagon Metrology Nordic called JoTube2. However, this program is no longer under active maintenance and hasn't been updated since 2013, probably due to low sales (and the author retired). This means that we need to find a solution to this problem as the software is slowly decaying due to OS upgrades and soon we won't have the luxury of being able to use it.

The two largest truck companies in Sweden are using this line profile tolerance for their pipes, I am unsure of other manufacturers. This means that the suppliers to them are suffering from the same problem - no proper evaluation method...

Line profile is mainly 2D, but ISO 1101 points to ISO 1660 that states that line profile tolerance zone can be made cylindrical by preceding the tolerance value with Ø.

Please consider to include this to PC-DMIS, either as an option or a standard feature!