Allow move points in only 1 or 2 axis in Summary Mode

Alexanderdottry 2 months ago in Metrology Software 0

While programming in Command mode, If you inserted a move command:


Then delete the axis that you don’t want to move

MOVE/POINT,NORMAL,<,,5> (This will move only the Z axis to 5 above the current alignment.)

Once we write a program, our shop floor uses protect mode on the CMMs to keep the programs from being messed with. Protect mode automatically enables summary mode.


According to the PCDMIS help file, when summary mode is turned on, PCDMIS will override this setting and move the XY coordinate as well.


|Pasted below from the Help File. Link is also below. Paragraph is at the bottom of the article|

Moving In Only 1 or 2 Axes

In the Edit window in Command mode, you can set one of the axis values to blank (which means that you completely delete the value) to give the axis a relative move of zero during measurement routine execution. This essentially lets you have a hybrid relative and absolute move point behavior using the MOVE/POINT command.

This feature only works fully in Command mode. If you use Summary mode to do this, the field disappears from the Edit window. If you want to then set it back to a number value, you need to set it in Command mode.


As an alternative to this post, could we have a Command mode view, yet still keep protect mode on? Whichever would be easier in my opinion.