Separate scanning parameters from probing parameters

timo grimm 3 måneder siden i Metrology Software / PC-DMIS opdateret af Guillermo 3 måneder siden 1

When changes are made to scan parameters such as point density

all other probe parameters are also automatically entered in the program.

However, if parts are measured with different measuring machines but the same program, the stored probe parameters must not be changed.

As this is not possible, the probe parameters must be adjusted each time in the program.

Scanning parameters should therefore be separated from the probe parameters, as is the case in other areas.

I second this request and consider it highly important.  Portability of CMM routines across machines w/ different scanning sensors is an issue because of the OPTIONPROBE/ command having parameters that do not change  and are sensor specific. 

I vote for having the capability to specify point density, offset force and scan acceleration as independent motion related commands like MOVESPEED/ and PREHIT/ do.  

The OPTIONPROBE command includes far too many parameters that do not allow for portability of measurement routine.

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