Excel Form Report, PCD ID |x||y||z| output

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In excel form report, can we implement where the xyz values will run in a row for a dimension, and than in the next row below it another dimension and it's xyz values, and so on and so forth. 


Row1: |X|,|Y|,|Z|,|PCD ID|

Row2: |X|,|Y|,|Z|,|PCD ID|

Row3: |X|,|Y|,|Z|,|PCD ID|


Hello Mike, 
Would you please create a excel work sheet and attach screen shot. 

Excel form report is a command that places individual dimension in the order by default. 

We have many facilities in this area. If you go to Data tab and then click on Set custom order, you can rearrange it. There are many right click facilities to make such edit easy.  Please explore help  where lots of details are given in a Chapter of book like format with all the information. 

Send me eamil at sudhanshu.trivedi@hexagon.com if you need help.  


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This is my issue.... I need the data for the xyz's to run in the same row as the PCDID. Then move to the next row and insert the xyz values in the same row for the next PCDID

Oh.. So if you are dimensioning a point, you want all measured value of point in one row. 

Well, this will not be possible. 

Excel Form Report is outputting dimension. 

The Data Row marked is for one dimension and that gets repeated until all the data of all the dimensions in measurement routine is reportd. 

Hence, this request is something other than fundametntal of dimensioning in PC-DMIS. In reality such a comman can be custome command and if required should be created separately. My opinion.. 

I'm hoping that it would be a possibility in the future that excel form report can be updated in the dimension tab so the users can pick out xyzt data separately, and input them into the report template for further customization. This would eliminate having to create macros.

I have one more suggestion. This can work for you with some efforts in creation of your routine - dimensions. PCD ID will bit be on same row. 

You can create Excel form report to fill up columwise rather than row wise. We package such an example form with PCDMIS. Please check it out. 

Please see below screen shot. 

Image 614

If you have all your points with x,y,z reported in order then you can output it in this way. PCD-ID will be on other row. 

You can use custom field to give custom ID if required and use. 

This command is very powerful and works based on "Characteristic" rather than "Dimension" concept. Most statistical software and the need for forms is based on characteristic. 

Hope this helps you. 

I appreciate your inputs. 

Do let us know your use case so as to understand more of your need. 

The issue for me is I need the template to be that exact layout as previously described. The customer we send the data to needs the data put out that way in order to run their program on their end. We used datapage for years and since datapage has been discontinued, our macro no longer is viable for organizing the data the way we need it to be for our customer. Even working with OQIS software, I can't replicate the same way datapage outputs their spreadsheet reports. Even talking with QDAS support they even said that it was not possible. The easiest and most viable solution for this issue would be to work with excel form report and to have the capability to output data as I previously described.

Well, it is possible to do what you need in my thinking. Of-course for everything you need to test on a short routine. 

This is how I would try:

Create one Excel form report with row wise format. 

Run the routine and get one result file. 

Now, modify this result file and convert it to template. 

In this you need to use, column in which PCD-ID for this routine is created. 

Now delete all data cells.

Copy this file in template folder and now run the routine. 

I believe this will give you the result in format that you need.   

It may take a little effort but I hope you would agree the interface for Excel Form Report is easy and friendly enough that you would be able to do it easily. 

Good Luck!! keep me informed if you are successful. If you need more help, contact me through email and we can try to find solution for you.