Distance-to-go while executing a program

Cole Bergeron 5 months ago in Hardware / Coordinate Measuring Machines updated by Julian Cawthon 4 months ago 1

When executing a program, not much information is available to you, and knowing how far a probe is about to travel is a great indicator of whether or not you're in the right ballpark.

Simply a value showing how far the probe is going to move before it reaches the point in which it will switch to touch speed or begin moving in another direction.

We see more and more machinist being trained to run PC-DMIS, and this is a comfortable feature they're used to seeing when running their CNC machines. I think it could help prevent many CMM crashes.

If you open the Probe readout screen (CTRL+W) > Right click > Setup... > turn on Distance to target > Turn on Display distance to closest CAD > OK

This is pretty close to what you want.