autocalibrate probes within a single routine based on last calibrated date

Stephan Manley 8 months ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Patrick Gendron 8 months ago 1

I'm looking to have an auto calibrate command for all probes/tips within a single routine that have been calibrated outside a specified range. With this, it would also be nice to have a way to see all used probes and tips within the routine without having to go into each probe individually and select mark used. Currently we calibrate probes by opening each probe (F9), selecting mark used and looking at the calibration dates/times. If it has been outside of 24 hours we typically calibrate only the necessary tips. I'd like a way to do this automatically, and to be able to use this command from a form.



You can calibrate probes using the "Autocalibration" command within your program and create a Parameter set

that is on the "Measure Probe" dialogue box and select "Used in Routine" to calibrate the probes within your program. The only thing with that is that you can not differentiate which probes based on time last calibrated that you would prefer to have calibrated. 

It would be an awesome feature for Hexagon to include a selection box to achieve this. I'm surprised that this hasn't been developed at all in the first place since calibration takes up a hefty amount of time depending on the amount of probes you use within a program. C'mon Hexagon, LET'S DO THIS!!