Comment Box Update!

DavidthatDay 10 months ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

I think the Comment box could use some help.  I've been using PCDMIS since the 2014 version and its basically untouched in 10 years.  As an offline programmer, the comments are sometimes the only way I can communicate to the inspection operators.  

I have seen some people on here asking for Font Types and Colors, and i think that's a really great idea!

I would also like to see more ALT codes translated correctly to the comment box,   or maybe add more than the four symbols at the bottom of the Comment Text Box.  GD&T uses so many different symbols to communicate there should be a library to choose from when typing out or operator comments. 

Even as I type this out, I'm looking at the options i have to edit my text and I would love to see something similar to this woven into the comment section of PCDMIS. (see below)

Image 599