part programm shifting size

Giorgio Blarasin 10 months ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Guillermo 10 months ago 3

Size Shift

Write a program and then use it for 3 larger parts without having to recreate it.
Enter a Shift/Magnification factor and the other programs will be adjusted automatically.

So every feature on the part grows by the same factor (hole sizes, thickness, etc.)? I don't see this as being effective. just code in the options for the other parts with variables, it's easy.

Yes thats right but if you can input just an factor it's easier..for customer they haven't a lot of  knowlegde i mean.Just an Idea.

Just write a parametric program. That is one of the beauties of being able to code in PC-DMIS. You can do variables and you can do scripting.

CAD cannot be scaled and should not be scalable as the whole idea of metrology software is that the source nominal is unchanged by the software. Scaling does not address items like hit patterns and moves as sensors don’t scale. Accounting for things like fixtures and alignments also important.  If we are talking about portable systems I don't see much of an issue but to globally shrink by a factor with disregards to all variables and types of parts I believe is too simplistic of a proposed solution.