editing location of dialog boxes

smanley224 10 months ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by DavidthatDay 10 months ago 3

Allow editing location of dialog boxes from within PCDMIS rather than only from the settings editor. Or at least make a button to bring them to center of screen. EX: operator moved the execution dialog box off the screen by accident, the only way to correct this is to go into the setting editor and manually change the location. 

If you have multiple screens you can use the Windows display settings to move the screen positions around (either side / above / below etc) and find the hidden dialog boxes.  Not a great fix but it works.  

You can also use the display settings to change the screen orientation from landscape to portrait.  This often brings the dialog box into view.   Bit awkward to move the mouse.


I have this issue a lot as well, as someone who goes from three screens to one screen during the week, i will often find my auto features or dialog boxes off screen when i unplug my laptop from my other monitors.  Its very frustrating when you click on your auto features icon and its missing from your current display.  I have had to shutdown or restart multiple times to correct this.  The Windows Cascade doesn't recognize those dialog boxes as separate from the PCDMIS main page, and  when you're already inside the software, you can't cascade that window either.

I do love the idea of having an icon much like the Save Window Layout that reset your currently open dialog boxes and snaps them center to your screen tho or to a saved layout. 

Part of this issue too is that you cant close out of the AUTO features unless you actually click in the box that's visible.  If there was a way we could close the dialog box thru FILE, or EDIT drop down, that would be helpful as well.