I just watched the webinar on the updates for 2022.1 and it says that conditional formatting and macros are now supported.  It doesn't seem to be the case.  When I open my template the conditional formatting works exactly as ruled.  I save the template, execute the excel form in my program and the outputted excel file doesn't have the conditional formatting rules in it.  I don't understand why the webinar says it is now supported but it isn't working.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

The conditional formatting can only be used with a macro or use Custom Format. This option is available in 2023.1.

Macros Embedded Templates

Macros Embedded Templates

You can use macros in Microsoft Excel to automatically perform actions on repetitive tasks. Suppose, you want to compare the measured values with the tolerance values and apply the conditional formatting to the measured value cells. To do this, you can create a macro in Excel and save it in the template file. Excel saves those files as .xlsm files.

To run the macro in the Excel report, follow these steps:

  1. To open the Macro dialog box, press Alt + F8. You can also click the View tab and from the ribbon, in the right-most corner, click Macros and then select View Macros.
  2. From the Macro dialog box, select a macro from the list.
  3. Click Run.