PC-DMIS Library of Example Programs

davehocum 8 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 3 years ago 15

Hexagon should have a library of example programs for all of there programming products.

This would give programmers some examples of the recommended programming methods from Hexagon.

This should be user driven. All our uses make great measurement routine to solve their measurement needs. Some of these can be shared. We though need a place to store and description to find right one. Good Idea.

True. For examples of this Solidworks, Fusion 360 and other cad companies have been doing this for sometime now.

This would be great, especially to go along with the Hexblock


Under review

Are there any specific examples that people feel would be useful? I tried looking on the likes in this forum section, but didn't really see anything jumping out https://www.pcdmisforum.com/forum/pc-dmis-enterprise-metrology-software/pc-dmis-code-samples?filter_sort=votes

Maybe you can work out a deal with CMMXYZ on youtube....   I've learned as much there as I have from the classroom.

Hexagon could start with some of the PC-DMIS programs that are being use for the training courses. These sample programs should be complete programs to show the recommended programming methods. Examples: Looping, Pallet, Subroutines, Forms, Custom Reporting and Program Templates.   

KingsID1 - CMMXYZ does great videos (I'm a subscriber also), and those are a valuable learning tool. I think this request though is more a library of routines.

dave - good suggestions - thanks


Recently took the PC-DMIS for CMM 101+ course.  Maybe when a student has something go wrong, it would be good to be able to pull up the "teacher version" of the measurement routine and compare side by side to see what is different or how the routine could have been more concise and efficient.  

Thank you Neil for the update.


Will be delivered in Home Page in PC-DMIS 2020 R1

Well done Hexagon.

Well done Dave for suggesting it :)