allow us to identify a bit of the feature ids within a pattern that propogates with the pattern creation.

jimb 12 months ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 12 months ago 0

This is for complex patterns that include many different features and types. I am working on a particularly complicate part that includes 4x identical patterns. The patterns include holes, surface profiles, datum surfaces that come from different detail callouts on the drawing. In order to help map an FAI report back to the drawing, I want the details to be carried by the ids. For instance:

hole ID> 9_00 1 DTL A{1} would propogate to ID 9_00 1 DTL A2, ID 9_00 1 DTL A3, ID 9_00 1 DTL A4

hole ID> 9_00 2 DTL A{1} would propogate to ID 9_00 2 DTL A2, ID 9_00 2 DTL A3, ID 9_00 2 DTL A4

vector point> DPTH 1_6  2 SCT DD{1}  would propogate to DPTH 1_6 2 SCT DD2,DPTH 1_6 2 SCT DD3, PTH 1_6 2 SCT DD4