Add math selector of tolerance zone for profile with datum

Aaron Baldauf 1 year ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Neil Challinor 11 months ago 1

Add a math selector of the tolerance zone when evaluating a profile with a datum (line or surface)

At the moment it automatically uses the "Default" math. It should be possible to use the "LSQ" math.

Image 589

When evaluating a profile without datum this is already possible.


  • Default math will still be available (to evaluate according to the standard)
  • With "LSQ" math, one can better see the general form of the part, outliers are clearly identified
  • "LSQ" math gives more repeatable results (better for MSA)

I understand that the "Default" math is the one we should use to measure according to the standard

but it can be difficult to understand the result it delivers. "LSQ" math gives easier to understand results witch is crucial to adjust the machine.

See this example:

Image 588


In principle, I agree, being able to used least-squares tolerance zone math would help trouble shoot and is more useful for providing correction information to production.  This is being considered for a future version but I am unable to make a firm commitment at present due to there being several other higher priority items which require addressing first.