Improve changing the datums in GD&T command

Aaron Baldauf منذ 1 سنة في Metrology Software / PC-DMIS محدّث منذ 11 شهر 2

When changing a datum of a GD&T command from the command-view the subsequent datums get deleted.

This should get improved. So I can change the middle datum without the last being removed.


I have the datum system |A|B|C| I want to change it to |A|M|C|

The second I change the |B| to an |M| in the command-view the |C| gets deleted and I only get a |A|M|

This would not be possible as it would break some of the validity checking functionality.

Would it be possible to warn the user wen a subsequent datum gets removed?

In my opinion, if not very attentive, it is easy to miss that a datum got removed.

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