Ability to queue parts to run

zachr 1 year ago in Metrology Software / Inspect updated 1 year ago 4
It would be nice to have the ability to queue a part to run after the current part is done running. We have quite a few production run parts that machinists run on the CMM but they do not want to wait until the current part is finished before they can set theirs up. It would be nice for them to be able to queue their part, enter in all applicable trace-field information, and walk away, knowing that the part will run when the current part(s) are done.

Have you tried Inspect with Pallet?

Yes but pallet only allows you to create playlists, add programs to the playlists, and then run said playlist. What I would like to do is have an operator add a part to a queue of sorts while the CMM is currently running so the CMM will run that part next. Pallet only lets you execute a playlist when the CMM is not currently running. I was under the assumption that it would operate the way I describe but that does not appear to be the case. 

I did these many times as a "play-list" and also as a pallet. pallet is a advanced playlist with a fixture offset designed in X and Y axis and easily customizable etc. The playlist is a mini palletized auto-execution function inside of inspect, that will auto run selected programs without having a manually start program or do alignment. what I used to di is, Un-mark manual alignment's and keep the program to run from DCC, of course, parts sit in same grid of last alignment and my program goes back to fine tune alignment anyway after picking the rough points, and in this way, you can autonomously execute as many parts based on machine volume per-se. With pallet - add on to pc-dmis, you have extra features on top of ordinary playlist like status of execution as a reporting option, etc., I believe your request would be handled by one of these.

Neither the playlist or pallet options allow me to queue up another part while one is running, unless I am missing something. You can queue up parts to run before you execute but I do not want to do that. Some of our programs can be 30 minutes to an hour so I would like the option to add to the queue while the current part is being checked to reduce frustrations and increase part checks. Sometimes the machinists will see that the machine is currently running and give up on checking their parts. If they had the option to select their part to run next then they would be more inclined to check their parts more often.