Password lock for individual routines

Prasanna Vemanna 1 year ago in Metrology Software 0

Use case: Looking for password protection for individual routines, We have the same version of pc-dmis just 1 online version used by 2 or 3 different users for creating and executing programs. User A wants to lock the program for editing. But any user should be in a position to execute that particular program without having to edit. if editing is required, it should be done by User A or one with a known password. Same for User B, C, etc., In this way user A keeps modifying his own written programs without allowing access to other users.  Somewhat similar I know is supported by Protect of PC-DMIS, but the workflow I look for is simple and easy, protect is a much mixed and complicated workflow.  just have an option to lock it whenever required without having to install add-ons. etc.,