Datum definition allow multiple characters

Valentin Tarba 8 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Rob Jensen 4 years ago 14 1 duplicate

Allow to add multiple characters on a datum definition not only 2.

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To add to this, how about a 3 tiered DRF. I run into this on several occasions.

TP | Ø 1 | A | B | C |

TP | Ø .5 | A | B |

TP | Ø .02 |

Composite Position and Profile will support 4 segments in 2019 R2

I got a program with a fixture to measure of 16 parts once time so i want to label each datum based on each part; however i can't do it due to only 2 letters are allowed. please allow more than 3 letters to make programming easier to manager in this case. please update. I totally agree with Valentin

Wouldn't this be part of a Pallet type program process?

could you explain more about Pallet type program? thanks

Here is a link to the Inspect Planned Pallet Run Operator with Inspect.

Pallet Run with Inspect

thank you for the link. it is still great to have a flexible labeling on datum because Pallet Run can't handle analysis after run. 

To be clear, the Pallet screen shots below are from a tool created by one of the Hexagon divisions in Germany. This has inspired Pallet in Inspect, but it will not be exactly as shown in those screens.

The specific requests to allow more flexibility on datum definitions is also planned for inclusion, currently targeting 2019 R2

it is great. thank you

Great, thanks.

I had the same idea for two years ago.

Please bring the two together.


Sorry for the delay guys, support for more than 2 datum letters and up to 5 segment composite FCF's will be definitely be available in 2020 R2.