Let some settings/files be stored on a network for shared settings

Aaron Baldauf 2 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 2 years ago 2

Let PC-DMIS store some setting/files on a network so they can be accessed from different machines / PC-DMIS installations.

I'm talking about settings/files like: 

  • usrprobe.dat
  • MaterialCoefficients.xml
  • xxx.MSExml (StrategyEditor)
  • MessageBoxOptions.dat
  • The User Interface (Icons and so on)
  • Colors of the edit window
  • Colors of the features
  • and many more

Having many machines and many pc-dmis installs is a pain to maintain which costs hours.

Having a central settings directory on the network would save a lot of time.

That would create dependency of each CMM on an up and interrupted network connection, communality in license levels and configurations in some cases. It does not address the mayority of installations. And can be easily address via images and push scripts (populating machines remotely). Most accounts with mutliple licenses have disimilar devices. Often by hardware and not just the software. 


Thanks for the reply, Guillermo

Regarding your points

1) The network doesn't need to be up and running all the time.

In my vision of this feature, PC-DMIS loads all these settings on user input (load settings button) or alternatively at start up  and saves them locally.

When a user makes some changes, he can save them locally or push them to the server to deploy.

Ideally, one can make several settings configurations and load the desired one on each machine.

PC-DMIS could even notify the user:

Hey, one of the configurations has been updated. Do you want to load the updated settings? 

During execution, the network is not needed.

2) I think medium to big companies with more than a few machines would benefit greatly from this feature.

We are an international company with plants all over the world. Only at my plant we have 13 CMMs.

Setting up these machines and making sure they have comparable settings is very time consuming.This needs to be done on every change /update.

3) User/IT made scripts don't solve the issue.

a) The settings are stored in many different ways (json, dat, registry, hidden from the user) and in to many different folders.

Some settings even change location depending on PC-DMIS version.

b) Some files are not transferable (even though  they look like they should)

c) Some settings are not stored in a way that they can be transfered at all.

4) As written above only in our plant, we have 13 CMMs and growing. We have PMM-Cs, Globals, Tigos, Chameleons.

While I agree that not all settings should be the same, many can.

Also, as written above, one could ideally have multiple configurations saved on a network and load the desired one.