Compare PC-DMIS programs side by side

Ben Powell 2 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Jörgen Andersson (vpt se) 1 year ago 3

Ability to have two PC-DMIS programs open side by side/one on each monitor to compare and copy and paste between them.

Alternatively, a PC-DMIS clipboard you can use to copy and paste code to and from. 



Run the program offline in PC DMIS. This resets the actual measured values in the program back to the nominal values.
Highlight the entire program and copy it.
Paste the program into Microsoft Word

In Word, Click the Review Tab and from the Compare Group choose Compare and then Compare.
Select the original document from the Original drop-down list. (Original name ain’t it…)
Select the edited document from the Revised Document drop-down list.
Click OK

All of the additions and deletions show up in Red.
The combined document can then be printed (if needed), reviewed and if needed filed away either electronically or hard copy.

Or another workaround: try the program 'Kdiff' to compare files. It's freeware.

But 2 programs opened side by side would be an awesome feature.

Now you have to switch between opened programs via the menu ' Window'. Quite cumbersome if you need to check and/or copy/paste alot between programs.