autocalibration qualification tool

HunterS 2 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

I would like to see about having a line of code added to the auto calibrate lines of code that determines which qualification sphere i am using for the calibration. My facility uses 2 spheres at varying angles to calibrate but most of them get done  with a qualification vector of 0,0,1. We have 2 spheres hat we use in case one is sent out for calibration etc. So my idea is to add a line of code into autocalibration that allows for you to select the current probe being used for all probes and angles in the routine based off a trace field that was preselected at the begging of the program. So if i start autocalibration it doesn't just stop because qual tool1 was loaded for the first probe but its still looking for qual 2 for the second third fourth or even fifth probe.