Ability to manage all reports

Zeljko 8 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 4 years ago 5

If i have to measure 10 same parts, it will be great if there is ability to edit reports from 1 to 10, even if i executed program for each. For now, it's only "View last execute report mode"

Hi zmarenovic. Can you elaborate on what specifically you want to edit on the reports, or are you really asking to just be able to view any of the last 10 runs? Thanks

For example. I have measured 3 parts (for each part exported pdf), and then i noticed that for the 1st one i forgot to change report template to CAD only, istead it's set Text only (just on the 1st). Now, if i want to change template for the 1st one i can't. I have to measure it again and export new pdf with CAD only template. I hope you understand.

Yep, that's now clear. Thanks for the suggestion. Don't forget to vote for your own ideas. The more votes, the sooner we're likely to get to it.

Technically you can accomplish that today by ending the program with a script that auto-saves with an incrementing number added to the program name. Might not be too difficult to move that functionality into PC-DMIS as a per program setting - "Autosave each run in folder:"

Might need some magic changing the CAD to Reference, so not to fill the disc with a lot of identical copies of the CAD file...

I think it could be stored only measured values in some "space" within the program, and than some code to reuse those increment numbered values