Since it is possible, in the alignment dialog, to set a discreet point (vector/surface), as an alignment point using the "Auto-align" button, in which the alignment will recognize the vector of the point in question, it should be possible also, to have in legacy dimensioning, in the feature location dialog, under Axes;  to have the Auto check box be able to ascertain the axis in question, by using the same methodology, and output the axis as a dimension based on said vector of the discreet point, in either x or y or z appropriately.  Currently, the Auto checkbox gives discreet points (vector/surface), a dimensional output in all three axes, and the sheet metal axis of T value, but that should not be the default Auto output for these feature types.  Since sheet metal axes are "optional" axes, The T value shouldnt be included in an Automatic output, and the vector of the discreet point should drive the axis of dimensional output consistently per the vector of the point. If the vector of the point has a value in i,j and k, then it would be treated the same as other auto features in the Feature Location dialog, and be given an output that most closely approximates the intent: (e.g.  compound angle cylinder to a common DRF, gives all 3 axes of output based on the cylinder average location.  But a perpendicular or parallel cylinder to the same DRF, gives only the 2 axes required to verify location of said cylinder).

All of the above statements are based on the theoretical vector of the features, as they are derived from a Cad file, not the actual or measured vectors.