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Jim W 2 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by dan brokstad 1 year ago 4

When constructing an extreme point on a feature that has been created using a series of points, PC-DMIS creates the point by selecting the point of the series that is in the extreme direction that you have selected.  This however is usually not the extreme point of the feature.  Can PC-DMIS calculate and construct the point at the true extreme of the feature?

Can't report on what you don't touch on a surface.  That being said it could be possible to have the CMM repeat the measurement with tighter spacing around candidate extreme points.  

To get a point on the pre-resolved feature you should use a constructed pierce point.

Thanks for the suggestions.  I have been able to get around this issue by scanning with a density that covers the feature that I am needing the extreme point from.  Extreme point construction would be even more flexible if PC_DMIS was able to accurately calculate the extreme point from the feature regardless of touch points.

A pierce point would not be the answer here because you need another feature to create the point.  The other feature may not be able to be measured or created in a location that would generate the pierce point in exact location needed.

Thanks for your response

Jim W.

Had a similar problem. Scanned the surface with HP-L-10.10 then looked for the extreme point.

The extreme point was usually the outlier point (noise point)!

Tried filtering out the noise but it didn't help.

Created a Mesh of the COP, then looked for the extreme point on the mesh and now I found the peak point every time.