Evaluate profile of any line for a tube centerline

Jörgen Andersson (vpt se) 2 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

I have currently explored the options of being able to check profile of any line on a tube centerline using Hexagons software portfolio (PC-DMIS, TubeShaper, BendingStudio) but none offers a solution.

Currently, we are using a method that mimics the use of an Absolute Arm with a fork. We are probing the start

and end planes of the pipe and probes two 3D-circles at the start and end of each straight. Then we create

intersection points, bending radii (generic circles) and export this data for processing through an external

program (made by Hexagon Nordic) for evaluation of the profile of any line for the tube centerline. 

If possible, I would like to have this natively in PC-DMIS, without the need for the external program.

Image 506

Disregard any GD&T errors on the drawing, it is the yellow marked tolerance that is of interest.

BendingStudio and TubeShaper are production-oriented software and not a "metrology" software thus

not dealing with this kind of tolerancing (but more LRA).

As far as I see it, this part of profile has been "left out" and is currently missing in PC-DMIS (and other