Auto plane radial pattern should default location to some geometric center of the clicked surface

Guillermo 2 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

When creating an Auto Plane contact feature, the XYZIJK for the feature are grabbed from where the user clicked.  If the Pattern is radial, what makes more sense is for the XYZIJK to default to central location.  Most often than note, when the user wants to use a radial pattern he/she is working on a surface around a circular feature or with a circular perimeter.  Having to manually edit the XYZ of the feature so that the pattern will be centered is not user friendly.
and if the center is on an inclined surface (not orthogonal to X,Y or Z) and the center has a hole, good luck.
Seems to me that if radial pattern is the current default for Strategies, QuickMeasure clicking on CAD for an autoplane should do that evaluation on the fly also.