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frank herr 2 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Neil Ryan 3 months ago 5

As a user of PC-DMIS, I like to see the used qualification parameters (Prehit, Retract, TouchSpeed, MoveSpeed and NumberOfHits) in the results file. This will help to analyze if a setting was not aligned with the used parameters in a measurement routine which can cause significant deviations in the measurement results.

Can look like the following example:

Prehit 2
Retract 2
TouchSpeed 1
NumberHits 25
MoveSpeed 100
MyTool CENT X 660.6208 Y 439.6320 Z 78.3228 D29.9981
T1A0B0 THEO X 70.5000 Y 0.0000 Z 323.6000 D 3.0000
T1A0B0 MEAS X 70.5000 Y 0.0000 Z 323.6000 D 3.0000 PrbRdv 0.0000 StdDev 0.0000

Under review

Hi Frank

Thank you for the suggestion. I have some additional questions, Could you review and comment. Thanks.

The idea of reporting parameters that affect calibration opens up a pretty broad topic depending on sensor type. For an analog contact probe do you report all the various force related parameters? If using a disk stylus do you report whether it used hits on the bottom to calculate the plane of the disk? Do you report the stop/start angles of coverage on the sphere? For a HP-OW and/or camera do you report all the lighting and focus related parameters? etc.


I think all the parameters that would affect the calibration should be somehow visible.

I see how this could be become a huge amount of information where it becomes hard to find what one is looking for.

But maybe you could add toggles to decide what is visible when opening the result files through PC-DMIS?

So inside the result file all the information is saved but when looking at it though PC-DMIS we can decide what information is visible?

I think if above every "chapter" there is a title, it would be quit easy to do the filtering.


[Force Parameters]



[Hit Parameters]



[Other Stuff]