Allow different nominals in GeoTol TP than the ones used for feature creation

Jörgen Andersson (vpt se) 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Bill Kulpa 3 years ago 1

With GeoTol, you cannot change/use other nominals than the ones that were used for the creation of the feature. This is good, but are problematic at times.

For example, I have a part where I am using one alignment to measure the entire thing (using CAD). This is not a problem if all the features on the drawing is dimensioned according to this one alignment, finetuning the nominals (in essence, rounding them off) is not a problem and I can get the dimensions to match the drawing for easy orientation report VS drawing.

Now, for a section of this print, the alignment has rotated 15° and the dimensions are according to this rotated view. In GeoTol, I will not get the drawings dimensions, but the dimensions are recalculated from the previous alignment to this 15° rotated alignment, meaning that I have no way to adjust the nominals to match the print (can't round them off). My only option here is to measure them IN the rotated alignment and adjust (finetune/round off) the nominals when measuring in order to get the correct nominals in GeoTol and subsequently, the report.

Getting my point?

Would it be possible to be able to change the nominals in the GeoTol evaluation (TP in this case) to use in the evaluation - not affecting the features noms (in whatever alignment they were created)? This would help immensely in situations like these, or are there a more elaborate way to use as workaround?

I often have to dimension the same feature twice. Once for print nominals, the second for CNC machine coordinates.