Use multiple print commands in a row_make more intuitive

DAN_M_413 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Kingsld1 3 years ago 1


If you use the PRINT commands to create digital inspection reports & you want to create multiple copies of the same report & send it multiple places....We have to mess around with different printing templates OR have the PCD use COPY commands to copy the pdf it makes from one folder to another...

What we'd like...

The ability to use multiple print commands in a row inside of PC DMIS. 

For example:











print command 1 (send to C/blahblah/Location1

print command 1 (send to C/blahblah/Location2

print command 1 (send to C/blahblah/Location3

print command 1 (send to C/blahblah/Location4

print command 1 (send to C/blahblah/Location5


Think you can do that now.  Just make sure the print command doesn't "delete instances".

Not tested since I've never had a need....