Histogram function for profiles of surface

Nick 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

Add the ability to display a histogram of all deviations for a profile of surface dimension. Previous functionality was lost during the transition to the new GD&T system. 

previously; you were able to do this by either displaying the 'report graph' then modifying its template in the report to the 'dimension histogram', or by adding in a 'dimension histogram' to a custom report, then dropping various dimensions (such as profiles of surface) onto the object in the report and have the deviations displayed as a histogram relative to the tolerance zone. 

Particularly helpful when the majority of the surface is in tolerance, but there may be only a few outliers that fall on heavy rads/burrs/fod. Gives you a better sense than just the graphical display, or the textual one.