Make an option in Inspect to have the barcode in Inspect linked to a COM port

mihael rakic 3 years ago in Metrology Software / Inspect 0

When you have the barcode option linked to a COM port, then it always checks if there is an input from the barcode reader. Even if you're not in the input field for Inspect. With the link to a COM port, you are always sure that the routine starts. 

Currently there is a hardware keyboard wege and sends the input from the barcode reader to the keyboard. It would be nicer if there is a software keyboard wedge. A software keyboard wege connects directly to the COM port and not the keyboard. Data from the barcode scanner is sent to the COM port and is rerouted to the keyboard buffer. This way you're sure that Inspect is always reading the input from the barcode scanner even if you're in another input field.