composite default datums

Kingsld1 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

Currently when creating a composite or multi-tier dimension the second and following tier datums are displayed in alphabetical order.  By definition, with composite tolerances, the datums have to repeat what is in the first tier in the same order.    On the second and following  tiers, the programmer should be able to just click on the datum + symbol and the corresponding datum from the first tier should appear.      If for some reason the programmer needs to deviate from this, they should use the custom check box.

I'm at Datum AR on my current project.  Way to much scrolling back and forth.

While I'm at it,  the + symbol to display the composite option check box should be more visible.  Dark Green with a thin black symbol is hard to see on my 43 inch 4k monitor.  (Another example of my general difficult to find things in toolbars rant.)