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Add lights to the probe head.

cbud619 il y a 8 ans dans Hardware / Coordinate Measuring Machines mis à jour par neil kay il y a 4 ans 5

Thank you for your feedback.

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Hi Cbud619 - I suspect you'll need to expand on your request so others know what you are asking for, and the problem you are trying to solve. Thanks

Add Lights or light to the PH10 probe head, I find it hard to see when probing in a tight or dark spot on a part, such as a deep bore or a small diameter.


Thanks for clarifying. That is obviously a hardware request, and this forum is focussed on the software. I have passed the information on to the hardware team. There is a project in flight to improve the illumination on machines, although not specifically to add lights to the probe head. If/when the hardware supports that capability, we can look to control it via the software. Thanks