it should be possible to construct a circle from highest point of a blade in blisks in radius direction of the blisk. This is need to get the outer diameter and calculate the form error

daniel schroepfer 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Neil Ryan 8 months ago 4

This is an important function and will help all blisk manufactors which use PC-DMIS Scanning with and without rotary table. Then it is possible to calculate the biggest Diameter on a blisk.

Have you tried the constructed extreme point?  That would give you the highest point (in a chosen direction) of each scan, from which you could then construct your circle.

Hi Neil. Our AE will test this with Customer MTU within the next 2 months :-)

Thanks Daniel.  The extreme point was added to PC-DMIS 2021.2, prior to that, you had to use the MAXINDEX / MININDEX functions.  Please tell the AE to contact me if he'd like a demo of the new command.