Inserting a feature into an argument list

Art Deyo 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

Inserting a feature into the beginning or middle of an argument list, PC-DMIS doesn't parse the string as it's pasted and thinks the existing name is getting lengthened, even if a comma is present. When creating a FEAT/SET, I needed to include individual hits. I started with the dialog box and selected PNT3. It needed to be the 3rd point in the list, but it was the easiest to select. The feature set was:


Then I was told I needed to change it so it explicitly brought in the single hit 


Then I needed to add the first 2 points from LIN_L in front of it in the list


But this didn't squeeze 2 additional points in front PNT3. Instead, it changed the name of the single argument to 'LIN_L.HIT[1],LIN_L.HIT[2],PNT3.HIT[1]'. This behaves the same whether I paste the new names as strings, the them manually or use a combination of both.

It appears that PC-DMIS doesn't recognize the commas as delimiters when it's re-parsing the line after an edit. And it doesn't change the quantity of arguments unless the additions are at the end.