Inspect Pallet execution cell failure unexpected hit or probe missed part error handling and continuation.

DSH 3 years ago in Metrology Software / Inspect 0

Add possibly two modes of error handling whenever a cell part is not fixtured correctly.

1. Advance to next cell and keep all index/counter trace fields sequenced correctly to cell.  This would be best for operator environments.

Allow only the  bad cells to then be rerun after correction maintaining trace field sequence as noted.

As they can currently select cells for execution, the trace field sequence is the the important piece.

Also, if they are running successive fixtures, allow for control of Index/counter trace inputs, stop start or override with specific cell value.

2. Create or use existing notification tools to text programmer, or set stack/message light status to raise awareness.

Allow programmer to reset poorly fixtured part and resume execution from that cell maintaining trace sequence as previously stated.