Offline programming automatic save & automatic save when software crashes

Milton Cortez 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by davehocum 3 years ago 2

Too many times has PC-DMIS crashed while creating an offline program, I have worked with multiple other CMM software's where they provide many options for keeping what you have worked on and not loose a days work.

if PC-DMIS could enter a setting to auto save at different intervals like 5, 10 or 30 minutes would help a programmer from loosing much work, trying to remember to save it is not always achievable.

I've suggested an auto save when crashing, At least a back up. It has been in review for 2 years now. Seems like a pretty easy feature to add, Considering every other software I've used has this feature.  +Thumbs up on this

Pcdmis did have an Auto Save around 10 years ago. They haven't replace it with something similar since it was removed. Now the closest thing to an Auto Save is the FileMan DocumentRecovery within the Settings Editor.

Not even close to an Auto Save that has the ability to be customize.


This section of the PC-DMIS Settings Editor provides File Management values used within PC-DMIS.

A typical FileMan section in the PC-DMIS Settings Editor has the following registry entries:


This registry entry determines whether or not the automatic measurement routine archival and recovery operations are performed.

Entry Name: DocumentRecovery