Add functionality in INSPECT and PCDMIS to allow users to update the calibration TOOL to use globally to all probes

Guillermo 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

Not sure a request like this has been filed.  Most customers in Medical device, swap the calibration spheres on production CMMs as part of the artifact annual calibration  process.  A calibrated/certified sphere is placed on the machine and the prior one is sent out for calibration.  Process repeats.

The issue if that any and all defined probes on that CMM have to be manually updated (including any Parameter sets) to reflect the new sphere to be used.  This a very tedious and prone to error task that requires CMM support personnel.
Would be nice to have a tool in PCDMIS or maybe even INSPECT that allows user to confirm or edit the calibration tool the AUTOCALIBRATE is to use. Or a tool that allows user to Globally update all current probes in the system, or a select list of probe files.
Customers running in Operator mode when clicking on Calibrate probe have no way to validate or specify the tool and this should not be acceptable.

Customers running programs via automation rely on autocalibrate commands.  These  also do not provide for ways to specify or confirm the tool ID w/o first manually editing every single probe and any parameter sets saved within that probe file.