Constructed Width

Kingsld1 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 3 years ago 2

 Per the Help file in 2020R1, 1D features are always points, 2D features are always lines and 3D features are always planes.  The software should be smart enough to know if the first feature you pick is a point, line or plane than the other feature type has to match.  Software should limit your choices to that feature type and not have the additional radio buttons in there to trip up the unwary CMM adventurer/ programmer


This would be a useful addition, especially if the constructed feature dialog windows are being updated anyway. I'd vote, but I am out of votes.


To further clarify,  If I select a point first then I want the selected options to only be points and I want the feature to automatically be a 1D width.  If a Line first than only lines can be seen and selected and a 2D Width, etc.   It will make life easier especially before coffee.