Pattern in 2021.1 won't rotate tip angles.

Wes Holmes 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by neil kay 3 years ago 2

Hello there,

When using pattern in 2021.1 it will no longer rotate my tip angles. For my work our programs use pattern rotation all the time. Not having the tip angles rotate 90deg with the rest of the program is dangerous. This has happened before with the introduction of another version and was fixed in 2020, maybe was fixed in later versions of 2019. 


This is a known issue to the PCD User Forum Community.

A Software Engineer from Hex came onto that forum and told us that they're aggressively working to fix this problem. They hope to have it out on 2021.2. 

I'm looking at this software release as an opportunity to brush up on identifying my tip angles lol. I use patterning a lot, this situation sucks for me too =/

For now, it is what it is. =/ 


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