probe utilities default levels should be 3 minimum for sphere

Guillermo 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

I created this topic in relation to a similar IDEA topic  "Rotary table calibration - Add multiple levels to sphere measurement".

The Probe Utilities in PC-DMIS for years have defaulted the number of Levels to 2.  This  goes back to the days Manual bridge CMMs were prevalent and people locked axis in Z to go around equator and took a single hit on top of sphere.
For a DCC machine w/ any touch trigger or scanning probe, a 2 level default is not metrologically speaking good practice.

Having all points in the equator; except for 1 at the North Pole of the sphere should no longer be a default for any PC-DMIS CMM, or NC, or Vision installation when using spheres.
That the default be 3 levels minimum is long overdue.