Rotary table calibration - Add multiple levels to sphere measurement

Art Deyo 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Guillermo 3 years ago 1

The sphere measurement parameters needs the ability to spread the points across multiple levels. It currently takes only 1 point off the equator. If there is any error in this one point, it has 100% weigh on the calculated height of the ball. Any other point has a reduced weight because they are all taken on the equator. Having points on a additional levels would balance the Z-position of the calculated sphere.

This issue is also present as a default 2 levels 0,90 in probe utilities which is 100% poor metrology just like in this specific case.  Having all points in the equator; except for 1 at the North Pole of the sphere goes back to when people used manual CMMs and it is long overdue that the default be 3 levels minimum.