GD&T dimensions missing on CMM's report when exported as a text file

Marinko Babic 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated by Matt 3 years ago 4 1 duplicate

GD&T dimensions are missing on the final output when exporting CMM’s report as a text file. This used to be there and it was fine before the upgrade to PC-DMIS 2020 version but now the dimensions are not there anymore.

I was informed by Hexagons Customer Support that this was a design decision made by the Dimensional Reporting product owner.
So this is as designed!!!

I would strongly suggest and I hope that this gets approved to be brought back to the way it was.

This causes an inconvenience and a huge problem which will result in changing and trying to figure out another way to link up CMM results with SolidWorks Inspection software if any other way even exists.

If this proposal gets approved and changed, customers should get notified/emailed of the change ASAP so we can start using it again as it’s intended.

Text output for the CMM results without dimensions on it will not do anybody any good. What’s the point of even having that option in PC-DMIS then, if certain dimensions will not be on it!?

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Agree.  End users depend on our output formats to remain consistent.  There are customers that may have leverage from text, CSV, etc. output formats from PCDMIS for SPC import purposes.  If it was removed by design, I would expect the impact to end users was taken into account.

Just to clarify, this was not removed - it was never meant to support XactMeasure either and should only have been used for legacy dimensions.  This is documented in the help and you should see the following warning message when activating text mode dimension reporting...

If text mode dimension reporting was used with XactMeasure then it only ever displayed the results for the first feature from the first segment so any composite true position or profile dimensions or any dimensions reporting groups of features would be incomplete.  When we replaced XactMeasure with the geometric tolerance command the code was obviously completely different and so it no longer sends information - even partial information - to text mode dimension reports.

I merged requests for Text Mode GD&T reporting together (causing the odd comment from Neil).