Save function as a PC-DMIS Command

mihael rakic 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS updated 3 years ago 3

As a PC-DMIS user, it would be an advantage to have a save function in PC-DMIS. Sometimes users are using VB to save the measurement routine. It would be nice if there is a function in PC-DMIS to have a commando in your measurement routine which functions as a Save Routine. 

Image 453


It's very easy to achieve with a script.

Readily available on the PC-Dmis forum. 


Yes , but is a necesary comand in pcdmis .  The scrip is not easy 

It would be nice to have this function as a "Save as" function, so that you can insert also variables/tracefields in the name of the routine. Also in which directory you would like to save the measurement routine.