Intutive Graphical analysis in PC-DMIS

Prasanna S 3 years ago in Metrology Software / PC-DMIS 0

Graphic analysis should go more intuitive. especially in tool rooms, If I want to analyze the measured data of profile for example and with results showing OOT, I should be in a position to know the "area of improvement" which is the sole purpose of inspection. The graphic analysis should allow the user to have dynamic interaction under "administrator" ONLY privileges.  So, I should be in a position to remove the point or area of interest to check if the parts become OK or not ok directly in GDW. This capability should be available for all material inspections like PROFILE, FORM, and Hexagon can add whatever in addition on top of this. I also want to see the DATUM SHIFT just like a table being represented graphically and showing red/green in graphic and available tolerance after datum shift in green forex. This will help design cost reduction analysis and avoid unnecessary tolerance stack-ups or unwanted addition to feature tolerances graphically.  also, it should be dynamically updatable once the datum modifiers are removed in GDW AND HELPS THE product designer to make a decision. This is the next step in metrology software where the industries are heading for and I hope Hexagon wins the race here to differentiate PC-DMIS from other software.